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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2004 2:01 am 
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Blow off question im lame
by vw16v@020.co.uk
everytime I read about a blow off valve
people say oh what a cool sound blah blah blah
what the hell does a bov sound like!?
I heard some wavs of people's cars taking off and it said listen to my bov,etc but I don't hear anything different?I always thought a bov was the sound like those big rigs with turbo charged enegines sound like when you are near them and you hear a whistle of air like built up pressure letting out.Well thanks in advance for answering my Qs'

Posted on Mar 5, 2000, 1:11 AM
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You'll hear this one
by Alan
Open this web page and wait a few minutes for the background sound to load. http://members.tripod.com/~Caleb_GTiR/index.html

Posted on Mar 5, 2000, 6:58 AM
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by Caleb
It's spooky to find my link here and I'd just like to say that the BOV noise on this sound file is with the old insert which squeals more, I've now got a replacement valve which makes it more bearable and kinky.

Posted on Mar 7, 2000, 7:45 AM
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Clutch off topic of this board
by vw16v@020.co.uk
FOr the last month my clutch started slipping and started to get worse it was adjusted by a shop since i didnt than know how to do it.
well it ran fine than two weeks later it did same think so about three adjustments later within about a month I was thinking it has to be the cable right?Cause every other car a clutch went out I would smell the burning an dthan it would die this seems like a crazy clutch cable all though I never had a clutch cable problem I bought a new cable but yet put it in. Today I decide to adjust the old one to get some free play back in the pedal (by the way the problem was my pedal kept getting real stiff and this is a MAN. Adjust CAble!)Well I set about 1" pedal play and it seemed a lil better but slipped alot going 70 on the freeway and than the pedal got stiff again with about 1/2" play aprox but not as much slip but a little is there.Ok my questions are:

1.)Have any of you had this problem?

2.)Is this a cable problem?

3.)It looks like the cable just need to be pryed off the top of the pedal under the dash but what about the clutch lever how do I remove it from there I was looking but I couldn't figure it out.i saw a diagram and it looks like there are three small plates and the
wire/ball slips through two and the last one can be pushed out of but I dont see this under my clutch lever unless they are compressed or something!?

87 16v
Thanks in advance sorry if #3 isnt descriptive enough

Posted on Mar 5, 2000, 1:07 AM
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Mech. advance 16v dist.
by Chuck B (UFO motorsports)MN.
SAAB 900 dist. fits the 16v head and turns the same way.These are also avail in points versions for magnetic pickup conversion.

Posted on Mar 4, 2000, 8:54 PM
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Cool info
by Dolemite
While I can't use it for anything right now....This was an very cool bit of info.

Posted on Mar 4, 2000, 9:50 PM
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This is a silly question...
by DannyBoy
OK This may be silly but...

If the CIS/CISE system has a continus sparay (all spray at once) then why didn't VW make a fuel rail using the same injectors.. Wouldn't that be more efficiant and effective than each injector having a sepreate braided fuel line?

Just wondering...


Posted on Mar 4, 2000, 3:37 PM
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g60 yes again/.....20 questions please help
by vw16v@020.co.uk
ok if i was to get a hold of a full g60 setup (fuel injection) for a 16v w/ 2L bottom and plan on running a 16g turbo or saab turbo for aprox 200 give or take horses what is other parts I will need?I have heard bigger injectors no problem r/c eng. has those fuel rail..can someone fill me in more on this also a custom chip ok mail order I assume is not possible fo rthis right what specs would I need if it is possible a dyno run if I can get the car up and going without leaning it out
Please fill me in on everything I will need to know and sugegstions I have heard about custom chip manufacteurs matching chips fo rturbos,etc for near 200.00 so that is more affordable than 800 sds,etc

Posted on Mar 3, 2000, 11:40 PM
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by Chuck B (UFO motorsports)MN.
Try garret he makes a chip for a 16v G60,That should work pretty good.I'll post his E-mail adress on monday.

Posted on Mar 4, 2000, 8:58 PM
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Here's a URL
by Dolemite

Posted on Mar 4, 2000, 9:48 PM
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i know this is a turbo page but i need NOS help!
by brandon garvey
hi i have a 87 GTI 16v it has a 2L bottom end 1.8 head, ARP stud kit,autotech sport cams,Tectonics racing downpipe and exhaust,K&N,Autotech fuelbox,and a balanced+lightened flywheel.Now i currently have Autotech 4 fogger NOS kit installed it is set to add 50hp. what i want to know is how much more can i safely add, how much fuel will the CIS-E support,what should i do with the timing(stock ignition)besides retard it. if anybody has some VW NOS knowledge or knows someone who does let me know what you can. i'd love to learn as much as i can about using it to it's full potential on my car.
Also does anyone have any before and after 1/4 mile times for a quaiffe.
thanks for your time

Posted on Mar 3, 2000, 12:52 PM
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Not Just Turbo's,ANY hardcore VW
by Dolemite
From what I understand a 75 shot is the reasonable limit for any stock motor,But from what we're doing with the Turbo set-ups I think it can take a 100 shot IF it's properly tuned and doesn't have any detonation.To learn more about N2o,You need to do what we did with the Turbo systems,Whichis step 1 FORGET that it's a VW motor 1st and foremost,This is a self made hurdle,When you mention it's a VW to people your gonna get a quick "I don't know much about VW's".2nd go to the track and see who's having good results with N2o and try to talk to them to get some insight,3rd and MOST important,Is read EVERYTHING you can get your hands on about nitrous systems,I don't care if it's for a V8 or an Airplane!! If it uses an internal combustion motor,I'm sure you can find some usefull knowledge from it,Even if it's learning what "not" to do....I know summit racing sells a book on tuning nitrous systems,I think NOS sells it also.Keep us posted on any findings......

Posted on Mar 3, 2000, 5:08 PM
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by vw16v@020.co.uk
its osunds like you stole my engine I had the same setup and the last guy who owned the car self drilled the inserts for bigger spray and it was at min. 100 hp the biggest problem he had was he killed the head for fuel i would highly suggest getting an air/fuel gauge from autometer,etc so you dont go into melt down after adding more NOS
adding more fuel I donnu about that besides going richer but thats not the way to do it i dont think
I can tell you the car pulled easy 13s with 100 shot NOS,stock tires 87 16v head,2l bottom,euro cam and exhaust no quaiffe...also I suggest a better clutch and lsd no doubt if you run 100 hp and up

Posted on Mar 3, 2000, 11:15 PM
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Haltech anyone?
by 90VT
I am really interested to hear what people think about the Haltech E6K. Are any of you running this as your managment? The latest spec sheet sounds good but what about the tunning and are there many tuners out there for the E6K? Thanks for the input.

Posted on Mar 2, 2000, 11:52 PM
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Internal waste gate...adjustable?
by DannyBoy
I have a Garrett turbo from a early 80's Audi 1.9L
diesel engine.

I'm planning to use this turbo in my 16v-2.0 but want to start off running it at a lower boost.

How can i adjust the boost to be lower on an internal wastegate??? there are no adjustment screws or bolts to lower/raise boost.

The valve the actually opens and lets the gasses go through has a 6mm allen on it... if i turn this it dosn't seem to release or tighten..

I'm stuck on this one guys.. As for getting info on this unit, i had no luck finding specs at all.

Thanks in advance!


Posted on Mar 2, 2000, 5:50 AM
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Boost settings
by Dolemite
You can't go any lower than the stock setting,My suggestion would be,Get a can off of another car and modify it to fit.I think Saabs are low,Like around 6.Nissans are also low.You can bench test the can with a boost gauge and bicycle pump.

As far as turbo specs,Measure your compressor wheel inlet from side to side in mm this is your compressor wheel trim,Then go to http://www.turbofast.com.au/ and you should be able to find your info there.

Posted on Mar 2, 2000, 7:23 AM
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by Kurt West
The waste gate would be set at 10 pounds. The turbo you have is alot too small for your motor it will make power to about 5000rpm's and then run out of air.Go for a Garrett T3/T4

Posted on Apr 5, 2000, 2:40 PM
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wastegates are all adjustable
by jerry
you can use any stock wastegate from any turbo car. you can put a "rick valve", dolemite can attest to its performance, to adjust the boost to where ever you want it. it goes between the manifold and the wastegate.it also prevents "gate creep"(as you are buildng boost it holds the gate closed until you actually hit your preset boost level) this means you will actually realize boost a little sooner instead of "wasting it" this prevents buying the very expensive external deltagate,which they use the same vale on to elminate the "creep". its around 45.00 plus shipping.

Posted on Mar 7, 2000, 10:22 PM
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Makes sense, but....
by DannyBoy
I have an internal wastegate, and i want the boost to be lower than the factory preset one...



Posted on Mar 8, 2000, 12:23 AM
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T too small?
by Dolemite
You have a T25 right? prolly off an Eclipse? anyway use a can off another car and just tac weld it to your bracket,Cars with low boost settings are Pontiacs,Nissan,Subaru etc.Not to many had the high boost settings found on the DSM's which is what I assume you have.

Posted on Mar 8, 2000, 4:49 PM
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adjusting cam timing
by vlksdragon
So, are there any benefits to be gained from adjusting the cam timing on a JH motor with a low boost turbo (6psi)? Since there will be a bit of turbo lag, would it be good to advance the cam timing a bit?
Or does having a turbo not make a damn difference as to whether I want to mess with the cam timing?

Posted on Feb 29, 2000, 2:31 PM
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by Dolemite
You'll find you have better results retarding your cam timing somewhere around 4 deg.A freind and I have both done testing at the track and found a mph or 2 by retarding it and less by advancing it.

Posted on Feb 29, 2000, 5:31 PM
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so I'm retarded? =)
by vlksdragon
so either way, by getting a cam sprocket and retarding it, results will be better than stock settings? I guess I'm asking whether it's worth buying the adjustable jobber in the first place..

Posted on Feb 29, 2000, 6:04 PM
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by Dolemite
>>so either way, by getting a cam sprocket and retarding it, results will be better than stock settings? I guess I'm asking whether it's worth buying the adjustable jobber in the first place.. <<

When something shows up in your trap speed it's worth the money in my opinion MPH=HP anything else is hype.

Posted on Feb 29, 2000, 6:42 PM
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Accel DFI?
by Anonymous
Does anyone have any experience with Accel DFI? I ask only because I may have access to someone familiar with accel, but only on v-8's. If the guy knows what he is doing though I figure he should be able to tune a 4 cyl. without too much difficulty. I have heard that the new accel has a ton of features.
How about information on the new Speed-Pro/Federal Mogul injection system? I know that Lisa Kubo is running it, as well as another big name racer. Anyone seen any pricing for this? I assume that it will be priced similarly to all the other systems.


Posted on Feb 28, 2000, 4:31 PM
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dfis's etc
by deo read
hey the accel system SUCKS!..the speed pro Fp performance system rocks ..my friend ha s 6oo plus hp dialy driven buick GN..he was running accel dfi ..then end of last season he switched to a fp performance set up..it was like night and day!!..etc so much more potential..especailly with the wide band o2 sensor and sequential injector control etc..i will eventaully run this set up ..when i can afford it hope fully by end of the summer ( crossing my fingers) .....i have my friend email if you want to email him about it etc..sam rabbit also runs the fp perforance system on his car and he likes it..etc etc
well later
hillfolk VW

Posted on Feb 28, 2000, 9:05 PM
from IP address

by Barry
Your right the new speed pro system is better than the Accel DFI system but it is also about a 1,000 bucks more!! If your friend switched systems and felt noticable differences then thats attibuted to the wide band o2 sensor and his inability to tune the accel.

Posted on Feb 28, 2000, 10:03 PM
from IP address

by Anonymous
Well I haveto check more into the new accel and what it can do. I was just curious...
Really I think that it comes down to tuning. Now the wide band O2 on the speed-pro system will make tuning easier and more accurate, but youstill gotta know what you are doing. I may still check out accel since there is a guy here who is very familiar with it. For that same reason I would stay away from tec-II, since no one around can give help setting it up. (Well that and I have heard of releiability problems on a street driven car)
In reality people have gotten all of the different systems out there to run. Look at what some people are doing with SDS. Now money no object without a doubt Motec is the best. But of the "budget" systems I think its more of a toss up that comes down to tuning over anything else. Heck Performance Factory went through the trouble and expense of adding a distributor to a second gen elcipse just to run DFI, since thats what they are comfortable with. (I saw the car myself. Nice work but man is it a lot of fabrication just to run accel.)

Well I guess I need to see what the SP system will cost, and what it can do. The new Haltech E6K is supposed to be pretty damm sweet as well.

Posted on Feb 29, 2000, 10:10 AM
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