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PostPosted: Sat Jan 03, 2004 1:49 am 
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Does anybody know where I can Get specs for my Garrett Turbocharger????
by DannyBoy
I have a larger than normal Turbocharger that I yanked out of a AUDI in a ScrapYard.. I totally forgot (at -15 degrees the brain works slower, heheh) what model it was but it's a early 80's turbo deisel (pretty sure 1.9L)
All the other Audi's had tiny little KKK units while this one had the larger Garrett,, So i pulled it off..

I need Specs because i'm going to throw this little puppy on my 16V and run it at a low boost.

VW_p/n 068145703B
GAP_s/n 4653841
s/n L10983A
Some other # i found 41354524



Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 7:04 PM
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Maybe this will help
by Dolemite
The info for your turbo is on this page,But the problem is gonna be finding it!!!

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 7:52 PM
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by soch
Someone wanted to know what the EIP golf ran at the IDRC event in pomona(Nov). I was there and we saw it run mostly in the 12s...not to say that was bad it was just inconsistent. Its mph were pretty high in all its runs and in a exhibition run it ran a low 11 at like 135mph. The yellow rocco didnt fare so well it sputtered most of the time. Other than that the rest of the vws racing did ok. only reason i know is cause counting eips, my friends jetta, my 16v, and the eurospec...or is it eurorace rabbit, well, anyway, they ran a 12.7 at 109 all motor. my girlfriend ran my 16v to a 15:1, the 16v jetta a 14:8 All bolt ons. Sorry for the long posts, but when you have a video camera, and there are only 5 vws at an import event, its pretty easy to capture all the footage you need. At least the slowest vw ran a 15:1.

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 1:20 PM
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yellow rocco
by vw16v@020.co.uk
is it true that rocco has ran 10s ???
Also I will trrade you a pan am drag event video for a copy of your video

Posted on Feb 17, 2000, 9:44 PM
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Yes Its true
by Anonymous
If you go to their website they have a video showing the rocco going up against an old musclecar...I can't remember what, but its this bad ass full tube frame big block pro stock style monster. And here pulls up this little VW. The both burnout, stage, and when the light drops they both take off hard. The rocco gets a decent but not great launch, its all over the track as it tries to get traction. The camera follows the car the whole way down the track and then to the timing board, where it shows 10.78 or something like that. He lost to the musclecar but not by much. The video is big so depending on your connection it may take a LONG time to download. Worth it in my opinion.
The car hasn't run back into the 10's from what I know of. Has posted smany 11 sec runs. The last I saw it the driver claimed to have no third gear (chipped/broken teeth earlier that day) and he was still running 11.7x going right from second to fourth. Something was wrong cause you could see the car bog in the middle of the track.

Posted on Feb 18, 2000, 10:06 AM
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Turbo Dubs
by Anonymous
So how is everyone's project going? I hope the lack of posts hear means that everyone is busy in the garage finishing up their projects. What are everyone's performance goals for the season? Anyone shooting for the 10's?

Seen the new NIRA rules? Comp 4 is now a bolt on's only class
Super 4 is for motor swap and supercharged cars. Means that liteweight crx's with gsr motors and jackson racing supercharged integra will rule.
Power four is for the turbo/nitrous cars still.
Comp 6 is still the same as comp 4..wonder if that means no a2 vr6's (since its a swap). That would suck since an a2 vr6 has little chance in Power 4 where it goes against supras and rotaries.
Only two brackets... 15.0 and slower, and 14.99 and faster.

The rule changes are supposed to be in an effort to make racing more affordable and to push people to go pro. We will see how it workds. Don't know about IDRC/ other's rules and any changes there.
What does everyone think?

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 11:01 AM
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rules etc..
by deo read
what are the weight limits etc ..for those classes..i remember i was pretty put off when i checked em out a yr or 2 ago..cuz im planning a REALLY light car..and i think the rules then were like 2200lbs or some thing..im shooting for 1000lbs less ..mummn..nhra bracket racing is good for that stuff..that is the only spot i see my proposed car fitting into beside maybe a proclass huh..any ideas?....maybe dolomite / justin can post the rules for various import series?..pertaining to vw's etc..we need more vws drag racing !!
later hillfolk..back to cleaning and organizing the garage so i can get my car in there haha

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 11:29 AM
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Rules & Weights
by Anonymous
Well I am not sure what the weights are. There may be weight brakes depending on the mods allowed, etc. Just conjecture at this point. I know 1200 lbs is too light for any class (and damm hard to acheive.) Probably better off shooting for the 1400-1600 lb range with driver. I am trying to remember what the old comp 4 weight rule was. I know Mark Brauning was real close to it...some people say under it. The pro classes will probably have even stricter rules/enforcement since the stakes are higher (more prize money, more influential sponsors, and overall more attention.) I will try and find out what the weight limits are.

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 2:38 PM
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While on topic of WEIGHT....
by vw16v@020.co.uk
I was doing alot of reading and trying to learn how much weight I can save on my a2 golf gti which is 2200 stock I figured 1800-1900 was lightest I could go..I will list the things I read of and please add things I passed up:

A/c 40 lbs

eliminate back seats 50 lbs

eliminate front seats for on tube frame style seat
plus interior trim and sound damping pad,etc
aprox 100 lbs

lexan windows (hatch and sides) 50 lbs?

using single 6 lb muffler replaced header with tubular turbo header 40 lbs

any fiberglass hoods,fenders,hatches available or can be made?That would be an easy 100-200 lbs I think

Posted on Feb 17, 2000, 9:55 PM
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weight loss
by deo read
hey your rims weigh a lot too go light weigh, the rear axle beam weighs a ton like 80lbs plus , fabricate some sort of lighter rear suspension ..i'm trying a air bag set up..see the trick is you want it super stiff , to fight weight transfer but you don't want it going over little bumps and bouncing all around ( like with no rear suspension), aall the tar and insulation can take a hike too that weighs over 60lbs too, un used electrical stuff can leave, defroster heater core dash, etc,,,the body can start to be cut too, cut out the inner skin on the hatch, inside the car you can swiss chees some stuff , cut roof support out , rain gutter from under the hood, almost everything forward of the stress towers can go..especially on a golf with the engine sub frame, the doors can be stripped out no regulators and sheet metal trimmed and swiss cheesed etc, if you get a rollcage into the car that connects to the suspension points ,..you can go even nuttier on the wiegh loss because th ecage will provide the structural stiffness that the body is losing as you trim it away for weight loss, use chromoly for the casge lighter then dom steel...cross drill your small rear drums....leess wiegh an dmore cooling ..mummn hope that helps ya..
hillfolk , \x/!

Posted on Feb 18, 2000, 8:57 AM
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Who the fuck is "Anonymous"???
by Dolemite
You seem to be pretty well informed on what's going on in the import scene,How about who the hell are you?Not to be a dick,But it's kinda rude to be having conversations with people and nobody knows who you are or what you drive.

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 7:04 PM
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Not to be a dick
by Anonymous
Hey I understand. I just don't have a handle yet. As far as what I drive...Well right now I am commuting in a stage III g60 rado. Its a decent car but nothing really special. Its clean but nothing different. Looking for a nice late model a2 gti to replace it.

Now as for my knowledge of the scene. I know more then some, less than others. I try to keep up to date but its tough. I missed a good number of events last year but plan on making most of them this year. If I ever get something done I will be out there on the strip all the time. Right now though I see no reason to beat the hell out of the corrado to maybe run mid 14's. (High 14's are more like it but hey I like to be optomistic.)

Well as far as quick VW's on the track...hopefully there will be a bunch more. Kaztech is working on a turbo system for their a2 vr6 (the stripped black one with the plexi windows.)Maybe ryan will run his 2L 16v turbo that Rallye built. That car is insane. Heard he breaks a lot of drivetrain components though. Martin's black a3 vr6 turbo jetta was running good last year, especially considering its only a t3 turbo on that car. Hopefully there will be some more 4 cyl turbo's showing up. Kevin Black and his POS racing rocco are sure to be a force to reckon with, though I hear he is going the 16v route. Not sure what that means as fars as him showing up for the races early in the season.

E-town opens March 4th, not sure about Atco/Island. Time to start spinning the wreches late at night. Oh yeah check out www.nira.com for the update 2000 rules. If you are going to strip your car completely you are going to be running in the pro class.

Posted on Feb 17, 2000, 10:22 AM
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Updates and what nots
by Dolemite
I for one am hoping to run well into the 12's on street tires this year,I've upgraded the turbo and just waiting for a warm dry day to tie up some oose ends and I'll be ready to run when the track has it's 1st street night.I'm hoping to see more VW people drag racing this year,(But what else is new!!)

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 7:08 PM
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12 second 1/4
by Shawn M.
I think the VW scene should have more 12 second and faster VW's. Although with your setup Justin, you should be in the 12's already--(with traction.) There is a couple of normaly aspirated rabbits that run in the 12's. One guy is from the tri state area- I believe in Ocean City. He ran 12 second quarter mile times 7 years ago. I believe his name is Greg Gandsky.

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 9:53 PM
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Hold up now........
by Dolemite
>>I think the VW scene should have more 12 second and faster VW's. Although with your setup Justin, you should be in the 12's already--(with traction.) There is a couple of normaly aspirated rabbits that run in the 12's. One guy is from the tri state area- I believe in Ocean City. He ran 12 second quarter mile times 7 years ago. I believe his name is Greg Gandsky<<

True there SHOULD be more 12 sec VW's out here,*We're* doing what WE can.......What alot of folks fail to realize is my car is a REAL street car,DAILY driven EVERYWHERE I go.The 12 sec. normally aspirated cars people speak of are TOTALLY different class of cars,Far from streetable.

Posted on Feb 16, 2000, 10:17 PM
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damn straight
by jerry
i plan on running 12.70's @ 114 when the tranny swap and cluch disk happens. the new injectors are in and i'm running 15 lbs now, so we'll see what happens this weekend at a 1/4 mile track with the 5 speed and street tires. it should give me a good idea how the 4 speed will work(mph & et).

Posted on Mar 7, 2000, 11:10 PM
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by vw16v@020.co.uk
techtonics ran 13 second no turbo or nos cars years ago..I see the biggest problem is most VW drivers are into shows or auto cross not the big horsepower drag racing thing.Maybe it will chnage

Posted on Feb 17, 2000, 10:03 PM
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by Dolemite
>>techtonics ran 13 second no turbo or nos cars years ago..I see the biggest problem is most VW drivers are into shows or auto cross not the big horsepower drag racing thing.Maybe it will chnage <<
That was Collins rabbit and again that was a RACE car with SLICKS not a STREET car on STREET tires which is what I'm running.BIG difference..

Posted on Feb 18, 2000, 12:31 AM
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seen it
by Seth
Yeah it was a 2.0L 16V, rabbit "C" Weighed very little (1550 lbs?) I watched it pull 13.2s on a very cold track. Supposedly it would pull a 12.9 under the right condition.

Posted on Feb 27, 2000, 7:19 PM
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by deo read
Yeah it was a 2.0L 16V, rabbit "C" Weighed very little (1550 lbs?) I watched it pull 13.2s on
a very cold track. Supposedly it would pull a 12.9 under the right condition. ..........the techtonics rabbit that collin had was a 8v 2 liter with carbs at on time then cis basic later..they used to have a web site with at h20 vw dragracing or something like that..seth were you talking about the techtonics car or something else?..
let us know id like to see that 2.0L 16 rabbit your talking about etc
later hillfolk VW

Posted on Feb 28, 2000, 9:12 PM
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check this out
by Shawn M.

Posted on Feb 28, 2000, 10:13 PM
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Axle sizes
by James

I was just wondering if anyone has had problems with the 90mm axles. I have these on my rocco and wonder if it is worth it to get the 100mm when I fix the tranny?

Let me know your experiences.


Posted on Feb 14, 2000, 10:04 PM
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T-Body ?'s
by Lee
i'm gettin ready to put head back on, was thinking of replacing my current tbody off my 88 rocco 16v.. with a velocity, audi 5k or golf? which one would be best? or is it not worth the trouble/$ ?? 2.0 16v, 268's, header, etc.thanks, Lee

Posted on Feb 14, 2000, 8:27 PM
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throttle bodys etc
by deo read
hey all of those audi , golf, etc are the same as your scirocco throttle body...the velocity one starts out as teh same then they bore it out to fit bigger throttle butterflys..but for like the $350 they charge for that you can get soem other fast crap for your car..if you want bigger look in the pick and pull junk yards for a bigger throttle body that you can adapt etc it would be Alot cheaper..you will probbaly need to know how to weld aluminum though as your mounting area for the new throttle body may have to be modified etc..hope that helps ya..later Hillfolk!

Posted on Feb 14, 2000, 9:02 PM
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El Gato
by Shawn M.
Does anyone know the specs on El gato's motor. I know it is a 16v but I was wondering what type of turbo, injectors, and internals he uses. Also would likd to know what his latest ET and mph was.

Posted on Feb 14, 2000, 2:28 PM
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Car weight
by Shawn M.
I got my 84'GTI weighed and without me in it with a half tank of gas it was 2270lbs. I thought that was a bit heavy. I have heard that they should be a bit above 2000 stock. Why is my car so heavy?

Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 6:23 PM
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weight etc
by deo read
hey does your car have a/c? does it have a sunroof?..does it have a stereo box in it?..what else do you have sitting in it etc?..remember gasoline weighs a little over 7lbs a gallon..do yoour run big o'l hoop daddy rims on her?..they will weigh more too..you should pull up the carpet and throw out the felt and black chunk sound proofing under it etc..the glue on the us rabbits carpet SUCKS!!...but that will drop at least 50lbs etc plus the felt crap is usally wet ..then you caqn check out how clean and rust free your car really is hehe
hope this info helps ya out some..
good luck

Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 10:58 PM
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I'm planning to turbo my 16v-2.0 I am currently running CIS (basic) with knock system added....
by DannyBoy
Seems like everyone says I can't use my current setup for a turbo system...Why exactly is that??

The Audi's use cis on there turbo system, and the only real difference in that they have a higher flowing and more sensative fuel pressure regulator...

Any Info would be VERY helpful to me...
Has anyone out there gone turbo still using the CIS system???

HELP!!! (I need my car done soon to blow-away the local ricemobiles!!!)


Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 5:02 AM
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You can....But
by Dolemite
You can do a low boost system (10psi or less)with an extra inj driver.SDS has one that you dial it in to turn on at a preset manifold pressure and how much duty cycly the inj operates at.It's priced very competitively also. See it at http://www.sdsefi.com/eic.html

Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 1:16 PM
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Thanx for the turbo info!
by DannyBoy
Hey thanks for the info!!

I am actually going to run a turbo from an audi.
I just got the unit a few days ago...it's in good condition.
This turbo should put out more psi than the KKK model. it's a Garrett, but i'm not exactly sure what model it is..? (i belive it's a T2)

So yes i'm planning to run a low boos setup. Maybe increasing the boost to about 10 or 8 just when i drag-race.
Otherwise I plan to have a low boost when in normal driving mode.

I'll be making an exhaust manifold soon...any tips? I was planning to make the outlet in the middle, so cyl 1,4 are have longer runners..and 2,3 are short. I've heard lots of debate about this.....

What do you think about using the Audi fuel pressure regulator??? will this compensate fot the lack of fuel at higher boost???
Or maybe a switch at full Throttle mounted to a ingector with an celinoid... Hmmm...

Thanx for your time!!!

Ps. do you (or anyone) happen to have or know where i can get Vacuum hose diagrams for a 91 GTI 2.0-16v????



Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 11:28 PM
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Turbo manifold
by Dolemite
You can see a pic of mine on my page under "custom header".My main suggestion would be,Use stainless if at all possible.

Posted on Feb 14, 2000, 12:41 AM
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Turbo transmission suggestions?
by typ53
I'm trying to decide what transmission (020 type) to use in my turbo Scirocco. With a short-ratio tranny (2H) it seems like the shifts are too close together, and that kills the boost. I'm thinking of using an A3 CHE (final drive=3.67, fifth gear=0.80) I want to choose the best factory tranny: no funds for 'custom' gears, 6-speeds, etc. Swaping some gears from another stock tranny probably wouldn't be a problem though. And I do have a Quaife to install.
Any suggestions?

Posted on Feb 12, 2000, 9:54 PM
from IP address

by paul
hey the best combination of of ring and pinion and gears in my estimation is 9A if your not looking to run 150 mph it`s what your looking for.I can run thru the quater at 111mph in the top of fourth and not worry about having to shift to fifth.IF you go realy wide with the gears you will lose alot belive me.we had every tranny under the sun in four diffrent turbo cars and we always came back to a 9A.So get the trans built with new seals bearing and quaife and you will have a great gearbox.9A`s came in 85-88 8v scirrocos 85-92 8v gti sand some 85-87 8v jetta gli`s.good luck..
CHE=3.45 1.94 1.28 0.97 0.80 3.67
9A,=3.45 2.12 1.44 1.13 0.89 3.67

Posted on Feb 13, 2000, 12:16 PM
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whats the dilly whith forced induction!
by kevin birmingham
i need some help! im building a 2.0 16v bunny truck, and i want some forced induction. no super charging(take power to make power) i want turbo! i never liked turbo cars till i realized all poerful cars have a turbo...im allready 5 G's in the whole with this thing, anyone know were i can get a used turbo set up or at least a cheap one! any 411 will be greatly appreciated!

Posted on Feb 10, 2000, 8:33 PM
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Turbo shit
by Dolemite
There are PLENTY of good turbos in the junkyards.If you wanna do it cheap and easy,I'd say a T3 with some G60 fuel inj. those inj should match up well to about 10 PSI on a 16v before the duty cycle gets to high.

Posted on Feb 10, 2000, 9:03 PM
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